Multi Resonator - Modera Sedici

4-May-25-2021-09-36-10-49-PMLet's hear it for the living spaces! "Multi-Resonators" are multi-residential and mixed-use projects that speak to the design, history, and branding of high-end apartments and condos. These creative spaces are memorable and “resonate” with the people who live and visit. In this third look at "Multi-Resonators", we are focusing on Modera Sedici, also in Washington DC. This multi-residential space is steeped in history and dripping with gorgeous design.

thumbNailerThe Neo-Renaissance building at 2700 16th St. NW in Washington was the home of the Italian Embassy from 1925 through 1977. It was designed by the architects responsible for the look of Grand Central Terminal in New York City. We worked with DCS Design to specify lighting that spoke to the history of the building with a fresh, modern look.

YGD_Modera Sedici_Gingko_0010_web

Many of the original elements, including parquet floors and fireplaces, were preserved in spaces like the resident lounge, which boasts an exclusive Eurocentric club feel. Our Gingko light fixture, in vibrant red, hangs over a large table that provides ample space for work from home, drinks, crafts, and more.

YGD_Modera Sedici_Gingko_0010_cropThe Gingko is made with a series of laser cut metal stems and acrylic leaf elements attached at various points to create the illusion of a tree bursting into bloom. Strategically placed LED bi-pins provide sparkling illumination which highlights this sculptural light fixture without overwhelming or washing out the space. The result is an intimate, cozy design that transports the resident to the most posh of Italian spaces.

YGD_Modera Sedici_Coaster_012

The ballroom space serves double duty as a "Soggiorno" or "living room" for residents. Restored crown moldings, parquet floors, beautiful art, and comfortable sofas create a luxurious living space. Our 200 Drop Pendant chandelier is the central statement light fixture in the room and amplifies luxury+modern to the next level.

YGD_Modera Sedici_Coaster_013-1Created with 200 acrylic tubes, the 200 Drop Pendant creates a cluster chandelier that uses the technique of emissive light. When the light penetrates each tube, an array of halos can be seen from directly beneath the chandelier. This heavenly piece speaks to angelic moments of artistic wonder like those found in the Sistine Chapel.

YGD_Modera Sedici_Coaster_013_200 drop

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