200 Drop Pendant

40 Cigarettes

The 200 Drop pendant is one of our very original designs - a true stunner in all its verticality. Like a waterfall of gilded rain, a series of transparent acrylic tubes, lit by LED bi-pins, suspend from a round mirror ACM ceiling plate. As the light glows from within the tube, an array of halos can be seen from directly beneath the chandelier. Using the technique of emissive light, the effect is like bottling up a series of falling stars. Want a 100 Drop? You've got it. Customize the quantity, height and shape to suit your interior space.


Ø1980 x 610mm / Ø6'-6" x 2'-0" H

Light Source

LED bi-pin



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Ygd 200 Drop Pendant

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Ygd 200 Drop Pendant