Our Approach

At YGD, our collaborations with Architects, Designers, and Owners ensure the cohesive integration of aesthetic and message-based pieces into the greater design of the space, all while working within budget. Our mission is to design and fabricate meaningful, engaging, story-telling pieces that will increase bottom lines. Our goal is to create pieces that serve more than just a decorative purpose; they will be crafted to deliver a message that will stand the test of time. With over two decades of experience and offices worldwide, YGD has the expertise and knowledge to thoroughly assess your project and its users, and apply that analysis to create a customized, tailored design just for you. Moreover, our built-to-order process is speedy and reduces product waste, as only what is needed is produced. Our factory practices specifically incorporate waste material recycling through strategic design templates and production layouts.


What We Bring to the Table

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Vast Industry Experience

We’ve been fabricating award winning designs across the hospitality, corporate, retail, healthcare, multi-residential, education industries, and more, for over 20 years.

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Passion for our Craft

We tailor all our projects to your needs. We source materials that break the mold, from metal, acrylic, wood and more, and can hunt down what’s necessary to make the custom piece you want.

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Stellar Customer Service

We take customer service as seriously as our designs. We collaborate with you at every phase, from sketch to final product, to make your dream a reality. Need us to be there in-person? No problem.


Our Process

01 Concepting

As an extension of your design team, YGD will give you award-winning interior designers, industrial designers, product designers, engineers, graphic designers, expert craftsmen, fabricators and artists who will make your dream a reality. Trained under the direction of founder and design director Jerzy Lesko, designers are required to work on the production floor for six months prior to designing for Yellow Goat. This unique experience allows our team to truly understand and appreciate the materials resulting in innovative one-of-a-kind designs, unparalleled value-engineering options and easy to install solutions.

02 Design Development

Designers and architects consider us a part of their project team and include us in the early stages of schematic and design development. We design, draw, detail, and develop visuals to illustrate exactly what the product will look like in the space. We join conference calls, travel to in-person ownership meetings, coordinate with the GC and host factory tours.

03 Manufacturing

From rendering and prototyping through execution you’ll be interacting with our large, savvy team of engineers and artisans. We have unmatched in-house resources and tools, including a full metal workshop, to realize your designs. Built to order products mean less waste and more beauty!

04 Installation

The final step can sometimes be the most difficult. Yellow Goat is there to get you over the finish line. With a seasoned team of installers who have worked on the project from its conception, YGD can provide one of the most seamless transitions from dream to reality. We offer a range of installation options from on-site consultants to full-service installation.

05 FAQ's

What are your lead times?

2-3 weeks: Initial Shop Drawing package

*12 – 16 weeks (*based on complexity) : Fabrication for standard products

*Expediting Options Available

Where do you fabricate?

Cambridge, Ontario - Canada

Can I customize anything?

Sure can! Everything we do is custom and built to order. Want to specify per the website? No prob! However, it’s not sitting on a shelf and will still be built just for you (standard lead times apply).

What are your design fees?

We offer standard complimentary design services and additional deliverables at a fee per request which can be found in our Design Deliverables Program. Contact us for more info!

Do you install the product?

We design, fabricate & install (jack of all trades)!

How about pricing?

It’s all across the board and can range from $1k upwards. Have a budget? We’ll build to it. Over budget? We can VE it. Need a ballpark? Email us!

Are your products UL listed?

All of our designs are built using UL components. The final assembled product is then certified in our factory and meets all UL requirements. The fixture comes with a sticker of certification as well as all paperwork that is required in order to fully pass any electrical inspections once it’s installed.

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