YGD WCW Spa Arboreal 002

Wind Creek Casino Wetumpka Spa Reserve

Wetumpka, AL

Project Details

Wind Creek Wetumpka Spa Reserve at Wind Creek Casino combines two ultimate luxuries, a spa trip and a wine bar. Yellow Goat Design worked to develop 4 lighting designs with Dale Partners for the entryway, the reception area, the hot tub area, and as a showcase piece over the wine cuvee. We developed a custom version of our Arboreal fixture using grape leaves to create the feeling of a wine arbor in the elevator bay and over a large hot tub. We also created a custom wine glass chandelier that is a statement piece over the wine cuvee in the wine bar area.

location Wetumpka, AL
partner Dale Partners
Category Hospitality, Casinos
Products Arboreal
YGD WCW Spa Arboreal 002
YGD WCW Spa Arboreal 003
YGD WCW Spa Arboreal 001
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