Ygd sephora corte madera flame 3 2 00


Project Details

Seeking a style was at the top of Sephora’s list when they came to YGD for custom fixtures using their logo. Combining these branded pieces with several of our crystal lights and signature wall screens created a look that demands attention!

partner Sephora
location Various Locations
Category Retail
Ygd sephora lexington piranha 5 2 03
Ygd sephora corte madera flame 3 2 00
Ygd sephora times square besa 05
Ygd sephora WTC denevue 02 2 06
Ygd sephora lexington piranha 2 01
Ygd sephora robson chrysalis 3 reduced 2 04
YGD Target Las Vegas Bombe 001

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