Ygd Clovis Community Medical Center custom fixture 006

Clovis Community Medical Center

Clovis, CA

Project Details

For the Clovis Community Medical Center, a large-scale custom lighting design was critical to executing the designer's vision. For the primary entrance to Clovis Community Medical Center's inpatient and outpatient tower, the HMC design team needed a light fixture that was large enough to fit the scale of the lobby while also being a statement design within the entry itself. The design needed to provide ambient lighting during the evening hours and match the overall lobby design's warmth, elegance, and sophistication. Drawn to the natural landscapes of California's central valley, design elements were inspired by the nearby orchards' colors and gentle breezes that flow through the valley. Spanning 35 feet long by 15 feet wide, the central lighting sculpture is comprised of 679 1" wide custom-length resin stems with integrated pin lights that undulate up and down in a playful dance. Two similar smaller fixtures in a patient waiting area create an integrated lighting solution throughout the central lobby. Each custom-length acrylic stem is fabricated from ½" 3Form Varia Ecoresin in three soft complementary colors: melon, teaberry, and blush. 35 Pin LED light tubes are strategically located throughout the sculpture to provide an even twinkling of light through the swirling collection of acrylic stems. 42 integrated downlights are located within the aluminum panels to ensure proper lighting at the floor level as well as enhance the playfulness of light reflecting off the acrylic stems.

location Clovis, CA
partner HMC Architects
Category Healthcare
Ygd Clovis Community Medical Center custom fixture 005
Ygd Clovis Community Medical Center custom fixture 006
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