YGD Carlson Tower Custom Rod Fixture 001 lores

701 Carlson Tower

Minneapolis, MN

Project Details

701 Carlson Tower is an architecturally engaging multi-tenant property west of Minneapolis. Adorned with walking trails, gardens, and a lake in the exterior it seems only right that the interior is equally defined by luxury. This custom rod piece for RSP Architects at 701 Carlson is made up of nearly 2500 powder-coated tubes. We built this bit of architectural eye candy to immediately engage workers and clients in the lobby of the building. On the 12th floor is a custom version of our Halo Vert in a series of interconnected golden rings, as well as a custom lit screen in a matching metallic behind the reception desk.

location Minneapolis, MN
partner RSP Architects
Category Install by YGD, Workplace
YGD Carlson Tower Custom Rod Fixture 001 lores
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