YGD 7000 brisbane oh oh Photo Bruce Damonte

7000 Brisbane South

San Francisco, CA

Project Details

Yellow Goat Design’s OH OH fixture suspends proudly at the lobby of an office building located 7 miles south of San Francisco. San Francisco based firm, Design Blitz, gave this space a facelift by gutting and renovating the prior R. Dakin Co headquarters (a plush toy manufacturer). The team, inspired by the bay and surrounding mountains, incorporated bold shapes, natural materials and jaw-dropping views to reinvigorate the property and inject some playfulness into the interior. We worked together to offer ideas that fit the aesthetic and our budget friendly showstopper “Oh Oh” was selected to give the lobby a fully organically modern look. The fixture, measuring 7’-7” x 6’-7” high, is installed in the lobby against two lush green walls and a sleek front desk design. It is built from opal polycarbonate elements in a gloss finish and suspended via stainless steel cables from a mirror composite ceiling plate. YGD’s go-to 1.2 watt LED bi-pins are scattered amongst the fixture and add that extra punch of reflectivity and dimension. The color temperature shown is a warm 3500k and the LEDs are dimmable to give the tenant flexibility in the light output desired.

partner Design Blitz
location San Francisco, CA
Category Workplace
Products Oh Oh
YGD 7000 brisbane oh oh Photo Bruce Damonte
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