Shooting Stars

Short Soup

It was believed long ago that a shooting star symbolized the gods looking down at the moment, granting any wish made upon seeing the star. This astrological anomaly is captured in our sculpture and composed of hundreds of crystals sparkling within your interior. The strands are suspended from stainless steel cables from a mirror ACM ceiling plate. LED downlights are mounted in the plate to create a sparkle unlike no other. Your wish for a show-stopping space will come true when specifying this beauty. Customize in any shape, size and density to your heart's desire.


2030 x 2030 x 760mm / 6'-8" x 6'-8" x 2'-6" H

Light Source

LED downlight


Glass & Crystal


Neiman Marcus

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Ygd shooting stars ws 2023

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Ygd shooting stars ws 2023