Kite Formation


Kite formation is exactly that: a custom chandelier comprised of dozens of miniature paragliders twinkling in glow-worm formation, their undulating waves creating a striking centerpiece to any large interior. Each kite is fashioned from gold-polished aluminum for a regal presence, each row of three suspended above the other to create a thick yet pliable texture. Each kite is accompanied by faceted crystals on either side, with strategically placed LED-bi pins reflecting off the surface like tiny stars guiding the path of the unique formation. Shown here as a group of 900, this custom chandelier can be sized to fit any space requirements.


800 x 5000 x 700mm / 2'-8" x 16'-5" x 2'-4"

Light Source

LED bi-pin


Glass & Crystal,  Metal

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Ygd Kite Formation 070217