Are they butterflies or flower petals? These tiny, fragile figures of powder coated aluminum hang suspended in mid-flight from a mirror ACM ceiling plate, reminiscent of a Japanese garden in the full bloom of spring. This all-white apparition represents the timeless grace of nature, small in its component parts but profound in its overall impression. LED bi-pins twinkle divinely among these floating butterfly shapes, which makes an especially glowing impression in a darkened setting. Configure Flyby in as few or as many clusters as desired, for a customized ambience that will inspire and delight onlookers.


Cover Image: 1524 x 585 x 762mm / 5'-0" x 1'-11" x 2'-6" H • Second Image: 2840 x 635 x 660mm / 9'-4" x 2'-1" x 2'-2" H

Light Source

LED bi-pin



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