Bristol-Myers Squibb Logo Sculpture

Bubble Bobble

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company that helps patients prevail over serious diseases through discovery, development and delivery of innovative medicines. In order to strengthen this aspiring mission, the company needed to re-think their workspace. Gensler incorporated ultra-bright tones and used these to color code each level. We wanted to expand on the idea of color while incorporating the Bristol Myers Squibb logo in the design. Starting at the top, we created an aluminum structure in the shape of the glyph logo. This is the backbone of the sculpture (and of the company!) and holds all of the pieces together. Suspended from the glyph structure are over 72 different module sets that represent the company's journey and mission. Each module includes varying colors, shapes and arrangements that showcase the diverse, global work of Bristol Myers Squibb and their goal to give back and provide a more vibrant, hopeful and healthy world.


23’-6” x 20’-7” x 32'-8" H

Light Source

Unlit Sculptural Piece

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Ygd bristol myers squibb custom sculpture