Bagels is serious chic design for the discerning customer looking to accentuate the style of a room with quality. Shown in a cluster of 45 and suspended from a ceiling plate, this contemporary and decorative lighting installation oozes luxury, drawing inspiration from simple, minimalistic bagel and donut shapes which can be customized using a wide variety of finishes. Lighting sources can be either LED bi-pin or classic downlight, and various visual effects can be achieved with resplendent mirrored finishes. The curve of each Bagel or donut ring is essential to the design – soft light reflections splay on ceilings like water. This installation leaves a subtle but lasting impression on guests soaking the room in soft and muted washes like waves – at once relaxing, meditative and a little sweet. A large-scale piece best suited to retail and casino spaces, Bagels is a superior statement of refinement, elegance, and beauty.


1500 x 3000 x 750mm / 5’ x 10’ x 2’-5” (Pictured in a group of 47)

Light Source

LED bi-pin or LED downlight


Acrylic,  Metal


Lincoln Experience Center
Cedars-Sinai Los Angeles, Samuel Oschin Cancer Center
Live! Stadium Casino Westmoreland

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