Want a Well-Balanced Space?  Check Out our Project Pyramid!

ygd_healthy resolutions blog pyramid graphic-2.jpg

Happy New Year, Goat Groupies! Here at YGD we are ramping up for another successful year! Our 2018 resolution: continue to push our creative boundaries to inspire you monthly with new designs. Your resolution: design well-rounded environments for your clients. We put together the (un)official YGD project pyramid to ensure your spaces meet the requirements. Steps to a healthier project (according to us!):

We definitely recommend incorporating these into each space to ensure a balanced aesthetic for your clients :)

Contact us at sales (at) yellowgoatdesign.com for more info!

Designs Featured in this Blog Post:

ygd_samanthas donut.jpgsamantha's donut

ygd_h20.jpgh20 ygd_curly friescurly fries ygd_Cookie.jpgcookie ygd_fishball.jpgfishball ygd_cold cuts screen.jpgcold cuts takeaway ygd_egg.jpgegg Cheese Grater.jpgcheese grater sliced bread.jpegsliced bread ygd_yellow noodle_highres.jpgnoodle ygd_grain.jpggrain ygd_paradelle.jpgparpadelle Is that a banana in your pocket.jpgis that a banana in your pocket? Cirrus Garden.jpgcirrus garden ygd_apples.jpgapples ygd_pear tree_highres-1.jpgpear tree