New PATINA Collection has arrived!

PATINA Collection

Inspired by a weathered past - our digitally printed patina surfaces fade and shine like a fond memory. Each UV printed design is a 3D raised texture on metallic substrates. Designed to contrast and elevate a modern setting, these patina options restore timeless elegance to the light fixture, screen or sculptural element of your choosing.

The PATINA collection is comprised of several options - Blue Oxide, Green Oxide, Copper Patina, and Steel Rust. Each digital design is created meticulously by our team of designers to emulate a traditional patina process. The design is then printed in a series of layered inks on gold or silver sheets to create a raised, modernized patina texture. The colors, layering and underlying metal finish can all be customized to create a traditional or more unique approach to your own patina.

To learn more about pricing or samples visit our collection page.