Making an Impression: Our Boldest Lighting Designs

ygd_knot litIf you’re looking for a way to make a unique statement in your business, lighting is one area where you can afford to be bold. Having a strong artistic statement in your foyer, your lobby, or any other communal space can leave your guests with a lasting impression, and lighting is the key to making any space come alive.

Going with a bold lighting design can often make the difference between a space that simply gets passed by and one that gets people talking. At Yellow Goat Design, we are no stranger to forward-thinking lighting designs. Below are some of the boldest pieces we have to offer.

The Knot

The Knot is a great lighting piece if you want something abstract but still recognizable. This sculpture-chandelier hybrid is made up of dozens of Spiroflex wands with bright LED lights at the ends of each wand. Every wand is bound together and the whole of the thing is curled and coiled together into a basic knot. The simplicity mixed with the grandiosity of its size make for a great, accented lighting piece for many spaces.

Coral Fusion

This lighting design looks like it comes right out of a mythical ocean kingdom. Three rings of gold- tinted Spiroflex lined with acrylic and aluminum tubing, all tipped with LED bi-pins that light up like floating organisms drifting through a yellow anemone. This wide halo of light adds a soft, magical feeling to whichever space it hangs in, whether your décor is ocean-based, desert-inspired, or simply abstract.


You won’t need glasses to see the bold and risk-taking style of this multi-piece chandelier. Dozens of acrylic black circular spectacles hang suspended, interspersed with LED bi-pin lights. Each pair of glasses holds a rounded stainless steel sphere that reflects the light around it and gives the piece a solid, artistic feeling that would not otherwise be there with empty glasses frames. This lighting piece is made to be watched… but it could easily be watching you right back.


This lighting piece features a shimmering black panel of fibreglass rendered to look like a deep pool of mercury. Lunging gracefully out of the pool like a diver just having entered the water, a shining chrome torso with arms outstretched hangs peacefully above the area that the LEDs in the pool light up. This piece is guaranteed to be an excellent conversation starter and it is perfect for a common area or restaurant seating area.

Crikey Cardboard Croc

For a piece that’s whimsical and has a bit of a sense of humour, go for this cardboard crocodile – which looks like it has just swallowed three LED downlights for dinner. The three bright lights shine down from the reptile’s underbelly, making it as much an art piece as it is a lighting fixture. This piece is also made from lightweight laser-cut cardboard and hangs easily in whichever space you choose.

There’s no reason to shy away from bold lighting decisions. Often times those brave design choices leave the longest lasting impressions and allow your guests to be in awe of where they are. With the magic of Yellow Goat Design, you can have lighting pieces in your space that are as brave, bold, and brilliant as you are.