YGD featured on NEWH Healthy Hospitality

1-Apr-27-2021-08-51-27-23-PMWe are pleased to announce that YGD is featured on NEWH's Healthy Hospitality directory as both a "Shield" and a "Green Leaf" Member. 

As a "Shield" member we have shown a "demonstrable commitment to providing a safer and healthier environment" through products like our Clementine, Pillar, and Falling Horizon which are built with anti-microbial shields and with our CONNECT Safe Screen collection which is committed to social distance way-finding as well as mental health considerations. 

As a "Green Leaf" member we have shown a "demonstrable commitment to sustainability" with our build practices. We seek to increase sustainable practices in our design by only custom building and ordering materials required for this building, as well as best practices in the layout of the design, avoiding use of chemicals, and recycling any discarded materials including packaging. We also use materials like wicker, water hyacinth, timber, and Ezoboard (made from recycled water bottles) in several of our designs. 

You can check out the full NEWH listing here and be sure to browse some of our listing products below! 

YGD_ClementineThe Clementine Screen is made with Ezoboard (material made from recycled water bottles) applied to suspended metal panels. YGD_Pillar-1Pillar is made with Ezoboard (material made from recycled water bottles) and can be moved from one location to another to help promote way-finding and social distancing as well as improve acoustics.
Temple BellsThe Temple Bells light fixture is made with water hyacinth. While water hyacinth is an abundant invader, its positive qualities include purifying water. By harvesting it, we keep the surrounding environment living while creating beautiful design. KutaNot only is wicker a popular design look but products like Kuta (which comes in various sizes) is made from Jute with is entirely bio-degradeable, recyclable, and even enhances soil fertility for future crops.