Brief Epiphany - A New 2023 Yellow Goat Design Collection

Time is a concept that can be made into something entirely beautiful. This collection captures a fleeting moment of connection, aiming to achieve a sense of transcendence, beauty and joy in experience. With a palette of bright pastels in dynamic shapes, the emphasis is on motion and recognizing the importance of the present. Through the embrace of technology and nods to nature, we explore escapism in a more playful world. There is a commitment to slow craftsmanship balanced with an uplifting outlook to the future.


As the sun rises on the beach, a wave of possibility comes crashing down. The changing sky signals a moment that is detached from the past, leaving it desiring more.

The composition is made of 125 elements that are constructed with a fluted, digitally printed acrylic panel, set in a Ø1” powder coat metal tube, edge-lit by an LED. Suspended on stainless steel/coax electrical cables from a ceiling plate.


Bob and sway, drift away. You are in charge of the ultimate destination, but it’s the journey that matters most. Explore, branch out, and truly savor the moment.

Made with rolled metal elements in a digitally printed finish mounted to a horizontal tube. Suspended on stainless steel/electrical cables from ceiling mounted wire grippers/ escutcheons. Lit by a LED neon strip visible through slots in the horizontal tube.


The atmosphere suddenly turns tranquil, summoning visions of an ideal evening, where the circumstances and those from the past have been altered, leaving behind the remnants of their impact.

Rolled metal elements in digitally printed finish mounted to a vertical tube. Suspended on stainless steel/electrical cable from ceiling mounted wire grippers/escutcheon. Lit by LED visible through slots in the vertical tube.


Three panels of fluted acrylic slowly gliding to a stop. All of the world seeming to pause in peaceful awe. Lovely moments of the past easing into an ethereal peace.

The panels are composed of either clear or printed acrylic, illuminated by 9 LED bi-pins hidden inside 4.75 inch glass spheres. The delicate ornaments suspended from coax electrical cables.


Each moment slides perfectly into place; the movement and motion is just right. You find yourself reflected in every step you take and it’s a pleasure to behold.

Decorative wall-panel, fabricated in modules, each made from digitally printed anodized and slightly curved aluminum elements, mounted to powder coat vertical posts. Unlit.

HARMONY (right)

Heed the invitation to unity in a moment of undiluted excellence. It’s all converging, and we’re catching the feeling.

The smallest version of this design can be built with Capiz shells, set into powder coat frames, mounted to a rolled metal tube (as shown). The larger versions are built with printed polycarbonate. Both are suspended on stainless steel/electrical cables from ceiling mounted wire grippers/mirror ACM escutcheons. Lit by 36 of LED bi-pins, mounted to the central tube. See both options on our website.

ADRIFT (left)

With every wave vanquished, a victorious flavor of salt lingers. This struggle has made you resilient, fueling your desire to continue exploring.

Digitally printed polycarbonate elements, mounted to 2 of rolled metal tubes. Suspended on stainless steel/electrical cables from ceiling mounted wire grippers/mirror ACM escutcheons. Lit by a total of 58 of (29 of per unit) LED bi-pins, mounted to the tubes.


Will this magnificent flower stay forever, or will it only be a fleeting vision of beauty? Nonetheless, we will still cherish this present.

9 of petals, each made from layers of digitally printed acrylic, lit by LED and mounted to a powder coat stem. Fixed to a flush-mounted ceiling disc. Element finish: Digitally printed acrylic, powder coat (matte black finish).

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