Project Spotlight - ISI with RMW

“We do out best as architects and interior designers to create spaces but to have a consultant that we work with [like] Yellow Goat has provided expertise, design ingenuity, that has really create and elevate what we do to a much higher level.”

Working with RMW Architecture & Interiors, we created 2 spectacular custom pieces for this high-profile workspace, Intuitive Surgical in Sunnyvale, California. Our Tailfeathers was scaled up to create a motion filled sweep of a lit sculptural piece that greets you as you enter the building.

ISI Final Image

“The piece, Tailfeathers, here in the lobby, it really reflects ISI’s connection anatomy. To the human”

A custom branches fixture welcomes employees to the cafe area while also creating a moment of serenity and botanical beauty. We spoke with RMW Architecture & Interiors Design Principal, Steve Worthington, about the design intent and how our fixtures help elevate a timeless space. Watch here.

“The Yellow Goat Branches at the cafe, here at ISI, was an important intervention…this allowed the outside to come to the inside and really make that more of a garden cafe…”

ISI Final branches 2

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