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One Beacon Boston

Boston, MA

Project Details

One Beacon is a "hard-working" multi-use build located near the top of one of Boston's most desirable neighborhoods, Beacon Hill. The 16th largest skyscraper in Boston, this building houses among others Metlife and Gensler design firm and remains in high demand. Gensler was tasked with revitalizing the lobby spaces including updating the elevator bays with our Shooting Stars fixture to create a "high modern...hospitality feel." We worked with Gensler to create and install a custom version of this design to integrate with the long narrow, slatted wood ceilings of the bay. Formed from clustered crystals, Shooting Stars spans the length of each bay, enveloping viewers in a serene moment of contemplation and beauty that helps set intentions before heading to an office.

location Boston, MA
partner Gensler Boston
Category Install by YGD, Workplace
Products Shooting Stars

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