Suspended mid-air from a ceiling plate, Antlers is a large-scale trophy chandelier depicting the raw and majestic horns of the elk. Sharp and edgy, each set of horns is created from aluminium piping which can be powder coated in a wide variety of colours. Machine bent to form a point and finished with an eye catching diamond-shaped crystal, Antlers is set off by LED downlight's which highlight the intertwining thicket of horns with their glinting sharp edges. Elaborate in construction and design, this chandelier is perfect as a hanging centrepiece over large tables in dark, intimate and moody spaces. Best suited to prestige lighting for large-scale events, weddings and formal dinners, Antlers would be a perfect addition to hotels.


4000 x 2000 x 700mm / 13’ x 6’-6” x 2’-3”

Light Source

LED downlight




Ritz-Carlton Dallas

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Ygd Antlers Gold