Gensler Gives YGD’s “Deflected” a Go


What I’m about to describe to you might sound all too familiar: a large atrium space that requires a lot of visual impact with not a lot of mula. It’s true…Gensler projects even have budgets (shocker, I know). Such is the case for the newly renovated 2020 North Central office building located in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Gensler Phoenix team came to Yellow Goat searching for a solution (smart choice…they’re not #1 for nothing!). As designers ourselves, we studied their design package and the obstacles that needed to be overcome. The (massive) atrium required an impactful fixture that held it’s own against the flood of light from the skylights above. The obvious choice to tackle these challenges was our “Deflected”…an impressive light-sabre of sorts.


Built from opal acrylic tube, stainless steel joiners and suspended from a ceiling plate, this fixture fights the overly large volume and draws a connection through the space. Lit by cool temperature LED strips, Deflected can dim down (or up) depending on the time of day and light output needed. Suspended over 24’ in the air, the fixture itself measures approximately 12’ in length by 8’ in data-width.

Kudos to another amazing collaboration with the Gensler gang!

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